This page makes every effort to depict waiting status at IVH care as timely and accurately as possible. Since this can change hourly, please call to confirm.

The Iowa Veterans Home is actively accepting applications! In addition, we are expanding our capacity outlined below:

1. Effective immediately we are beginning to transition 30 rooms at the Iowa Veterans Home from domiciliary level of care to nursing level of care. We anticipate that this transition will take 12 months. 

2. This transition will be gradual; we will not be discharging any Veterans from IVHWe will no longer be admitting residents with domiciliary level care needs for the foreseeable future.

3. Over time, we will be providing support and care to Iowa Veterans with the most need - those with nursing level care requirements. 

4. Our current census includes 55 rooms in the Fox Building providing domiciliary level care. We have 349 rooms occupied by residents with nursing level care in Malloy, Dack & Ulery  Buildings at this time. 

5. Our plan will be to gradually first open a 15-resident household to nursing level care, and then gradually open a second 15-resident household there to  nursing level care.

6. This plan will ultimately result in Fox building residence consolidating on two of the four households there. 

If you have any questions please reach out to Penny Cutler-Bermudez at or Nathan Wilson at