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Iowa Veterans Home

Levels of Iowa Veterans Home Care

We offer two levels of care: residential and nursing. Upon admission, each resident is assigned to a category of care based on their capabilities. 

Residential Care

Residents who are in residential care need little help with daily activities. They tend to their own needs except for meals, which we provide in a central dining room. 

At this level of care, we offer medical and nursing supervision on a regular, but not continuous, basis. We offer both single and couples rooms. All rooms have a private bathroom.

Nursing Care

Nursing care residents need constant supervision or help with activities. Care ranges from full assistance with all needs to help with one or two needs. 

Medical care is available on a frequent, but not continuous, basis. Residents also can have single or couples rooms at this level of care. All rooms have a private bathroom.

Cost of Care

We determine the cost for care on an individualized basis dependent upon the incomes and assets available to each resident, up to our calculated full daily rate. We are a Medicaid facility and follow current Medicaid guidelines when determining incomes and assets available to pay toward care.

With staff assistance, residents are required to apply for any and all benefits they are eligible for including, but not limited to, Social Security, VA Pension, private pension, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D and Medicaid.

Accurate and ongoing disclosure of all financial resources is a requirement for admission and continued residency.  This includes all insurances such as medical insurance, long-term care insurance and life insurance policies, as well as incomes and assets.

The following clinical services are available, as needed, at no additional out-of-pocket expense when provided by Iowa Veterans Home (IVH) staff or IVH contracted professionals:  medical, nursing, dental, social work, psychological, pharmaceutical, podiatry, optometry, audiology, recreational services, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, chaplain services, nutritional services, dermatology, respiratory care, pulmonary care consults, psychiatry consults, lab and x-ray.

Transportation to and from Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers or other medical facilities, as determined by the IVH Medical Provider, will be provided for appointments and admissions scheduled by IVH.

Please contact the Admissions Department with any questions you may have regarding cost for care.

Please contact our staff with any questions.