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Iowa Veterans Home

Apply to the Iowa Veterans Home

If you are applying to live at the Iowa Veterans Home, we can help answer any questions you may have. You can reach our admission coordinator, Jason Matteson, at 800-645-4591 or 641-753-4325.​

Who Qualifies

By law, we may admit Iowans who are:

  • Honorably discharged veterans.
  • The dependent spouses or surviving spouses of honorably discharged veterans.
  • Gold Star parents.

If a veteran is deemed a rating of 70% disabled or higher by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and in need of nursing care, there is no out of pocket expense for the care and services provided by the Iowa Veterans Home for the veteran.

Spouses must be married to a veteran for at least a year before they apply.

Applicants shall have met the residency requirements of the state on the date we admit them.

All applicants must be in need of either residential or nursing care. A committee will decide the starting level and type of care for each applicant. If a bed in that area is not open, the applicant's name will go on a waiting list.

Physical Exam

To apply, you need to have an exam with lab and x-ray tests. A local doctor or a physician from the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center must verify the exam on the application.

Find a Local Office

You can find applications at each Commission of Veterans Affairs office and each Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Find your local office here.

Each commission must confirm that applicants from their county are veterans living in Iowa.

Please contact our staff with any questions.